Ever notice how ‘What the hell’ is always the right answer?
~ ― Marilyn Monroe (via psych-quotes)
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untitled by Corrin Nicole; on Flickr.
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Se soubéssemos quantas e quantas vezes as nossas palavras são mal interpretadas, haveria muito mais silêncio neste mundo.
~ Oscar Wilde. (via delator)
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sunset sky | taken by me


sunset sky | taken by me

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Multiple Witnesses Photograph a UFO During a Texas Thunderstorm?

On the night of August 11th, 2014, residents in Houston, Texas began witnessing a bizarre sight. An unknown circular object appeared in the skies during a thunderstorm. Many quickly snapped up pictures of the strange craft, one person even captured a short video of the lights appearing and then disappearing as they drove down the highway. People then went to social media and posted their pictures for everyone to see, hoping someone would be able to identify the strange object. Some speculated that it was a a drone, others suggested that it was just a highway streetlamp. However, the true identity of this disk-shaped craft is still a mystery.

The object definitely doesn’t look like a plane. It also looks too big to be a drone(s). Not only that, but I don’t think someone would fly a drone(s) high up in the sky during a thunderstorm. Since so many people in different parts Houston saw the same object, it’s highly unlikely that it was just a highway streetlamp. Personally, I have absolutely no idea what it could been. While it doesn’t seem like there’s a reasonable explanation for the strange object, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s of alien origin. Perhaps it was some kind of aircraft, possibly one that’s being kept secret by the government. It could’ve been anything, including an alien ship, but as of now, we can only guess as to what it really was. I’m interested to hear your opinion on this object. Do you think it was an alien spaceship? Or is there a conventional explanation?


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Did you say clouds and sunsets?

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